Box Tops & Labels for Education


Labels saved by our school are redeemed for monetary donations (BoxTops) or points towards school items (Labels for Education).


Families clip and collect the pink Box Tops from various products (boxes of cereal, granola bars, etc.). They do the same for Labels for Education (formerly Box Tops) and V8 Fusion caps. When you have gathered several, give them to your child's teacher to be added to the classroom's collection.

Each month, volunteers help collect the Box Tops and Labels for Education from the classrooms and then count and bag them. Monthly classroom totals are placed on JW's community bulletin board in the front hall for a friendly competition. The three classrooms that collect the most are rewarded with an ice cream party. The volunteer time commitment is about two hours a month.

Also see Fundraiser Events Box Tops and Labels for Education for more information.

How Do I Participate?

If you are interested in volunteering, click on the button below to request communication regarding this event/activity.


For more information, please contact Tricia Ball at