Artist in Residence




To enrich the students' educational experience at Jacob Wismer by having an artist come for several weeks to work with each classroom and complete a project in that artist's discipline.


To date, Jacob Wismer has been fortunate to have experienced artists from a variety of disciplines -- including music, dance, pottery, illustrating, visual arts and paper-making -- come to the school for extended visits to work with the students.

Every student in each class gets dedicated time with the artist to produce either an individual piece of an art (in the case of pottery, for example) or a group project (having the students write and compose their own song, for example). Every year is a new opportunity for the students to explore a artistic discipline under the guidance of an expert in the field.

Volunteers are needed to help in the classrooms when the artist is working onsite with the children.  Volunteers are needed for all aspects of the artists project to include helping with the projects themselves, as well as organizing and preparing the finished art projects for distribution and/or display throughout our school.

How Do I Participate?

If you are interested in volunteering, click on the button below to request communication regarding this event/activity.