Cash / Check Donation to PTO


To receive 100% or more of parents' direct contributions, which go toward our PTO Supported Programs. (Company gift matches enhance your cash/check donations.)


Each year our PTO spends thousands of dollars for supplies and programs not covered by the school's budget. 

A significant portion of the PTO budget comes from direct contributions - referred to as "Cash/Check Donation to PTO." 

  • 100% of Donations go to the PTO
  • Donations are tax deductible
  • Donations are matched by many companies.  Inquire with your company and sign up.

For example, here is the Intel link: 

  • Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated
  • Turn cash or check in at Jump Start or to the school office at any time

Thank you for your generous support!

How Do I Participate?

Please make your check payable to "Jacob Wismer PTO." Place your check (or cash), along with your company matching gift form, in an envelope marked "Donation to PTO" and hand it in at the office or at Jump Start.


For more information, contact Karen Patsy at