Box Tops and Labels for Education



To redeem labels saved by our school for monetary donations (Box Tops), or for points towards school items (Labels for Education).


Many products have valuable labels for redemption as part of their packaging. Before you recycle your packaging, please stop, check, and save any:

* Box Top Labels

* Labels for Education

* V8 Fusion bottle caps

By saving these labels/caps and sending your collections of them to school via your child's classroom, we can earn money and points to use for our programs and for school items.

For each "Box Top," our school receives the monetary value listed on it. (Last year we received $1,087 just from Box Tops! Let's "TOP" that this year!) For each "Label for Education," our school receives points redeemable for school items.

Please tell relatives, co-workers, friends and neighbors to save "Box Tops" and "Labels for Education" for you to turn in at JW. Every little bit helps!

For more information, please see the Box Tops and Labels for Education websites.

For volunteering information, please see Box Tops and Labels for Education under the Volunteer Opportunities section. 

How Do I Participate?

Clip labels (see pictures above) and send collections of them to your child's classroom.


For more information, please contact Alexandra Wiedholz at: